For my favorite weirdo <3

2014-12-18 03:12:00 by SamsGround

Hello friends!

I just uploaded a new art-piece and this time it's a little present I made for my babe Mim.

Check it out in the art section! :) AND check her out on

















Soggy smooches from me! ;)

My first post!

2014-12-06 18:28:06 by SamsGround

Hello to all the people reading this.

I just entered the wonderful world of NewGrounds, and finally gathered the courage to upload some of my own content. I just wanted to say thank you for the warm welcome, and there's so much more to come!


Bye for now,

Greet from Holland!


p.s, see here a picture I drew 2 years ago, and a picture I drew just yesterday.